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The sum of the parts is always greater...

I was watching the Japanese Grand Prix a few weeks ago and listened intently to Sebastien Vettel’s gracious victory speech where he celebrated the great achievement of his team – the technicians, the mechanics, the designers, the team chiefs, the medical support teams and the sponsors... you get the picture.  Then I recounted the endless speeches I’ve witnessed over the years from those who have achieved the highest accolades - from Olympians, to Oscar winners, sportsmen and women or even politicians on a victorious night. One critical component these speeches all have in common is that despite the individual nature of their success - they all go to great lengths to stress that their triumph is not solely down to them. They share the rewards as recognition of a great team effort.

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Getting the biggest bang for your buck…

Ensuring you get the right return on investment is critical – and this is about making sure you get the right service from the event provider but also it’s about making sure you are ready as a business to put in the necessary work to capitalize on the opportunity.

The following Bulletin provides some key pointers to enable you to create a successful strategy for evaluating sponsorship opportunities to ensure you reach your ROI objectives. Here are some fundamental questions you have to answer for yourself: What are your objectives? Does the event match with your targets? The answers will determine the events which will be the best match to meet your needs. You also need to consider how will you evaluate the results – be realistic and patient – it does take time to create brand awareness.

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Five Simple Steps…..

So, you have a challenge…  You need to plan a corporate event, or any event for that matter, but you have no resources and what's more you may not have an event management background It seems that all too often this responsibility can just land in your lap or be thrust upon you.....

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